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Myspace is the new Livejournal [21 Mar 2006|12:12am]
[ mood | cold ]

Holy hell... I completely forgot about this thing... suprised it's still on! I guess that whole Myspace became the new Livejournal. Which I'll be the first to admit, I'm on it ALL the time when I'm online... everybody has one and it's way more interesting... I suppose. Anyways.. considering I haven't updated this thing in forever, there actually isn't a whole hell of alot to report. Still working at Best Buy. Still living with my sister. And still driving my Neon. Oh yeah, and still single... although, I don't think that one bugs me to much. I don't have time anymore. When I'm not working, I want to be home, relaxing and not worrying... maybe one of these days I'll change my mind... or I'll meet someone who will change that for me. :) Until then... I'm just gonna keep my mind made up.

Let's see... Now at work just about all the seasonal people are gone... so it's not as fun anymore. We kept Alex, Scott and Jenny. Jenny quit and Scott's going to the Marines soon. But we managed to hire some Ryan dude. I guess he transfered or something. Whatever.

On the home front... Things are the same... cept the kids now go to school and full time I might add... it does suck though because Preston brought something home Thursday and I watched him Friday... well me and my brother in law caught his lil 24 hour bug. I left work 3 1/2 hrs early yesterday bc of it. Not fun!

What else... I'm trying to get a new job. With my sister actually too. If I do, I'll be making WAY more money, salary based, plus I'll still get insurance and to keep my 401k. Which will be sweet. And if I get overtime, it will average out to about 12-13 an hour, with time and a half. Plus, like I said I'd be working with my sister, so it would be cool. And I'd keep BBY part time, maybe 2 nights a week for extra cash and my discount. I definitely don't want to give that sucker up! Plus, I'd start saving and buy my laptop first and foremost... then save for my own place and probably a new car. I also got a new cell phone (with a sweet employee plan I wouldn't wanna lose). It's an Ohio number now. If you want it, e-mail me @ simplyplanned04@hotmail.com.

I think that's it. I'm kinda wore out... I switched shifts with Alex tonight, so I would have only had a 4 hr shift, but I got called in early, plus there were only 2 of us on a Monday night, so it took us until 10:30 to put out the new releases... then we had to walk the store with JT. I'm kind of awake though b/c since I was sick, I slept for about 20+ hours yesterday and last night although I hardly ate in 2 1/2 days, so idk what I'm really running on anymore!

Okay, well, this is a good update for now. I'll try and update more often... or at least when stuff changes, which it never does! LATER

<3 Cassie

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Damnit [05 Jul 2005|05:41pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Well... I just found out my neice's party isn't going to be on the 30th... but now the 31st... meaning... No Warped Tour for me! :( I'm super sad b/c now I don't get to see Starting Line, My Chemical Romance again, and a bunch more who I wanted to see... but especially Fall Out Boy!!!! How sucky is that? Ugh... whoever goes... take lots of pics for me!! Hopefully nothing interferes with my plans on BFS or BSB... which I am for sure going to b/c I want to. BFS rocks live and my mom already bought my BSB tickets... never know... life has it's ways of messing things up for me... specially when I am looking forward to things to much!!! I definitally need to buy a digital camera or something though before I go!

Anyways... just found out, thought I'd share. Later!

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I love Mean Girls! [01 Jul 2005|01:51pm]
Haha, sweet! This is one of my favorite movies!

Cady Heron

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! [30 Jun 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | happy ]


Gotta go to bed now though!! Leave me some messages on aim, or call me, but I won't be able to answer between 7am and 2pm b/c I am working... I actually volunteered b/c it's 7 more hours and I only have to task so WHOOP on that one!! Night all!

<3 Cassie!!!!

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Quizie [27 Jun 2005|01:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

______Your life______
[x] they call me: Cassie
[x] sex: Female
[x] birthday: June 30th
[x] status: Single
[x] occupation: Media Rep at Best Buy

______fast forward_______
[x] college planning to go to: Owens C.C for 2 years, then U.T
[x] future resident of: Well, I made my residence Toledo, Ohio.. and I'm sure I'll be staying in Ohio for some time.
[x] wedding: Traditional and big... hopefully.
[x] children: Yup... once I find Mr. Right for the above... you know we'll be having some kibblets.

_______right now_______
[x] feeling: Sore and tired.
[x] Listening: My fan.
[x] doing: This and e-mailing my sister something.
[x] Talking to: Nobody... away messages do wonders.
[x] craving: Nothing... maybe some Cinnamon Toast Crunch...
[x] thinking of: My bed... but then realizes what all I get to do today.
[x] hating: The heat... but thats what happens in Summer.

[x] love is: Awesome... but pretty hard to find.
[x] first love: Real love? The kind you'll never forget and that hurts the most? Forrest, but I was fortunate enough to have another, much stronger after him. So needless to say... I'll be alright. haha
[x] love or lust?: - Lust is fun, but love is amazing
[x] true or false: - Truth please

_______Opposite/Same Sex_______
[x] turn ons: Mentally: Good personallity, sence of humor, things in common Physically: Eyes, being taller then me
[x] turn offs: Guys who thing they are to good for anyone, shorter guys, liars... etc

________Micellaneous _______
[x] can you swim?: Yeah
[x] whats your most embarrassing moment?: I don't think I have a most embarrassing one, I hardly get embarrassed by things. So idk.
[x] what are you scared of?: Spending life alone
[x] what is your greatest accomplishment?: So far... graduating high school. Never thought I would finish. haha. And moving back to Ohio... doesn't seem like much, but to me, it's somethin I've wanted for a LONG time and I finally was able to do it.
[x] what kinda roof is over your head?: A cool drywalled, designed type one... Idk... it's the basement and David made it cool.
[x] do you like tomatoes?: They are okay on stuff.
[x] how many TVs in the house?: 4 or 5. Not sure
[x] how many phones in the house?: 5 hooked up, and 3 cell phones, then like 3 more not hooked up for the kids... lol... plus all the play phones.
[x] how many residents?: 5, Michele, David, Allison, Preston and of course, myself.

______Your looks______
[x] Hair color: Dark brown.
[x] Eye color: Brown
[x] Height: 5'8ish
[x] Do u wear contacts or glasses?: Both... only contacts in public
[x] do u have any piercing? Double ears so far

______Just lately______
[x] How are you today? Pretty tired... worn out.
[x] What pants are you wearing right now?: Grey sweat shorts (have yet to change)
[x] What shirt are you wearing right now? My yellow and orange senior shirt (have yet to change)
[x] What does your hair look like at the moment?: Messy pony tail I just threw it in.
[x] What song are u listening to right now?: I'm not
[x] Last person you talked to on the phone?: JUST hung up with my sister
[x] Last Dream you can remember?: I don't rememeber... lol
[x] Who are you talking to right now?: Nobody... still on away.
[x] What time is it?: 1:15pm.

______More about YOou______
[x] If u were a crayon, what color would you be?: Hot pink
[x] What's the next CD you are going to buy?: Probably Fall Out Boy, although I have all the songs anyways.
[x] If u could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: My teeth and my eyes... which I am saving for both! :-P (Braces and laser surgery!)
[x] Where do you shop the most? Lately, I haven't shopped to much. No money, when I do, Aeropostale and Best Buy. haha.
[x] How many kids do you want to have?: 3 or 4
[x] Shampoo?: Finesse
[x] Do you have your own phone line?: Cell phone
[x] Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? I have 3 by my bed, sometimes I grab Scooby.
[x] Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone? No... don't want to either
[x] Who do you dream about?: Going to and finishing college, finding a successful career, falling in love with who I'll marry, getting married and having kids. lol... you know, the usual.
[x] Who do you tell your dreams to?: When they are crazy... whoever. Usually I don't tell otherwise b/c it doesn't matter.

______You and love ______
[x] Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? No
[x] Do you have a crush?: Sure do
[x] Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?: Have yet to decide, somewhere exotic and beautiful

____________Your Absolute Favorites____________
[x] Color: Pink
[x] food: Italian
[x] Fast Food: Taco Bell
[x] Candy: Chocolate
[x] Ice Cream Flavor?: Rocky Road
[x] Sport?: Probably football.
[x] number?: 6
[x] Scent?: Cucumber melon and Lucky for her. On guys though, Lucky for him or Axe
[x] Board Game?: Life

____________Have you ever ____________
[x] Wanted to kill someone?: Hahaha... I've said it, but not whole heartidly
[x] Ran from the cops?: lol... not exactly
[x] Tried to kill yourself?: No
[x] Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Who hasn't

Wow... what a time waster. Now time to stop procrastinating. I have to get ready for today, do some laundry, go see my dad, then I don't know. I'll find out later. Bye.

<3 Cassie

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Guess what?!?! [17 Jun 2005|12:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

13 Days... :-P

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Okay? [15 Jun 2005|11:35am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

You scored as Anakin Skywalker.


Anakin Skywalker


Padme Amidala




Mace Windu




Darth Vader


Clone Trooper




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Emperor Palpatine


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That reminds me, David and I have to still figure out how to make this movie play so we can watch Star Wars 3 here, upstairs somewhere.

Long weekend. I'm burnt and shins are really sore. I'll update some other time later on.
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Bleh [28 May 2005|05:53pm]
[ mood | blank ]

That is all I have to say about my supposed to be exciting weekend. Well, I went to Michigan. Chilled with Jessie yesterday. Nobody was around, nor answering their phones, so we went a couple random places, had no fun, bought the cutest little outfits b/c we were GOING TO go to Emerald, but never did. Stopped and saw Brandon F, was fun. Also stopped at Best Buy so I could buy the sacred movie.. haha. Saw a couple people and chatted. 2 of the people I wanted to talk to, weren't there. Never are when I go in. Losers. Um, ate McD's... which I haven't had fast food in over a month. Yuck. I only had some nuggets and a salad though, so no big harm done. Nothing else to exciting. I was gonna stay at her house, but ended up goin to my mom's at 2am. Staying there until 2pm, then we got ready and went to eat and whatnot. Around 4 I left to come home. Didn't feel like staying in that awful state. Don't know when I'll be going back either. The reason I usually go, is now gone, so I don't know anymore.

Steve and I broke up. He called when Jessie and I were at Brandon's talkin to him. I was pretty pissed so I just went along with everything he was saying. I don't know, I guess he broke up with me, or I don't know b/c I just went along with it all and told him everything I knew he wanted to hear. He said long distance is to hard, he has to much stress... blah blah blah. Excuses. So I just went with it. He obviously doesn't want to try b/c he hasn't been. It has just been me running back and forth, he has only came here once. Oh well I guess. I guess that's it. He said we are probably better off as friends, but whatever. Whatever he wants to think, I'll let him. I just didn't feel like arguing it b/c I was with my friends. It was not the time or place to talk about it, so I just gave him what he wanted. Although, a part of me knows alot of why we aren't dating anymore... well, from his p.o.v. I get upset b/c he can't clean his room or car, and it's discusting, so I'm not comfortable when I'm there, he won't even try to make me comfortable and I honestly don't think it's fair I'm running back and forth and have to be put in filth. It's a long story. But I'm sure my nagging got to him at some point. That and a person named Brian. He can deny it all he wants, but I strongly believe Brian plays a huge factor in this. I don't care though anymore. I'm tired of fighting, I'm tired of stressing, I'm just tired of being by myself in a relationship of 2. Oh well. He got what he wanted so he should be happy now.

Anyways, I'm gonna go find something to do. My sister and them are in Saginaw until Monday, so I have nothing to do all weekend. Scott's truck is here, but I'm guessing he's driving the PT b/c it's gone. I think he was gonna stay here, but I told my sister I was coming back, so I don't know what's going on. Won't he be suprised though. LOL. I hope everyone has a good weekend, since mine isn't going to be much fun. Have fun for me everyone. Later.

<3 Cassie

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Wow... [26 May 2005|02:25am]
[ mood | amazed ]

Wow... that's all I can say. Earlier today, for some deranged reason, I started reading through my old livejournal. Starting way back in June of '01. God how shit has changed. Back then, I was boy crazy, you could slowly see who my closest friends were just through the comments and how they slowly changed around. I was more then infatuated with Forrest. Just a bunch of crazy high school drama. I actually forgot so much of what has happened these past couple years. It's so weird to look back and see how much has changed in the short amount of time it has. For awhile, a bunch of my entries were talking about how I wanted to move to Ohio and be with Aaron... lol. Wow. Well, I did it, I moved to Ohio. But I unfortunatley haven't spoken to Aaron since I've been here. It's okay though I suppose. It's weird, him and I used to be so close and know things about each other nobody else did. People said he was a loser and whatnot, but I was one of the only people who truley knew him. I'm sure he's changed like crazy by now, but still. It's kinda funny reading back through my journal... fun times at the Novi Expo center back in like Freshman or Sophmore year and the nice tale of me ripping Kyle's 20. Haha. Or when Kim, Noell and I went to see a movie and ended up almost rolling down the isle b/c we knocked each other over. lmao. Good times were had. I'm still in the middle of reading it. I'm only on like April of '03. It's weird, b/c for a long while there, I was just zoned and reading it, completley forgetting about reality and what was really going on in my life. All the entries talked about Forrest. For some time I was thinking I was actually in that time. It was so strange... That was until Nikki IMed me b/c I guess my away message went off somehow. That broke the zone... probably for the best though considering it actually made me miss Forrest. But to be honest, I do. I would just like to be friends with him at the least. I read other peoples journals everyday, and for instance, Mel and Brett are still tight and they kinda remind me of myself and Forrest. They are just fortunate enough to have remained friends. Oh well I guess. People come and go in your life and most are just there for a learning purpose. I guess that's all he was to me, a learning experience that I truley needed. And it made me open my eyes to see that I really can be a HUGE bitch sometimes. I'm not even kidding, and that makes me feel bad. Plus the way I would mention random hot guys while I was still with him. I feel guilty about that, but oh well I guess. What's done is done. It kinda sucks though b/c a huge part of me still has enormous feelings for him, that sadly, I know will never wash away. And for some reason, he's actually be on my mind ALOT latley. I can't seem to figure it out. One guy that was on American Idol reminds me of him. Plus there are all these little like, subconsious things and tiny reminders all around me. It's hard to explain, but if any of you have ever loved and lost, you'll know exactly what I mean. I'd just like to know why now? Why the sudden reminders now of all a sudden? Hrm... I have to wonder though if he ever thinks about me? Or if so, what he thinks. I am kinda sad I gave him my hippo stuffed animal. lol. I found a bunch of pictures and it was in some. And considering more then half the stuffed animals I have are from him... it's no good. Thank god those are all at my Grandpa's house. Although, when I moved, I did get rid of 2 bags of random ones. And my huge animals are at Grandpa's too. My Scooby (although Allison would probably steal it from me. haha) and my monkey that I stole from Steve. Hehe. But I do have the snowman Steve got me for Christmas last year here. Bleh... yeah, anyways. I don't know if I'll finish reading these tonight. Maybe a little more, but I don't know how much longer I'll stay awake for. I can't believe it's already 2am.

Anywho, I'll talk about my CURRENT events for now. Haven't done to much this week. Tuesday I had to be upstairs all day and wait for the UPS guy to bring my sister's new computer. Dude... they got a dell. lol. Then, Fedex brought her game. haha. After dinner yesterday we went to Walmart to look for a desk, but couldn't find one, so we went to Meijer... nothing there, so we came home and they watched American Idol, while I came down stairs and watched OTH season finale. Then back upstairs for who knows what reason... to try and help them with the computer, then down here and watched 8 mile, then went to bed.

Today, woke up. Did whatever. Ran to Kroger for my sister to grab something for dinner. Goofed around online, which is when I stumbled apon my old journal, and began reading. That is, until my mom and brother came over. She came to get him b/c he's going to Michigan for awhile to live with Bill and Sheena and escape. lmao. Meanwhile, we watched some tv. I Know What You Did Last Summer, then Freaky Friday. Then Michele got home with the kids, they made dinner... blah blah blah. My mom brought the kids some new clothes too and I asked her for money for King's Island, which I think she said she'll give me, as long as I ask my dad too. haha. We talked about Texas some too. Now I guess Eli wants to come. We'll see how that goes. Anyways, they left around 7:30 or whatever. David got home soon after they left. We all watched American Idol then I came down here and played on my computer for awhile and started reading more of my old journal. Which brings me to now.

Oh yeah... I forgot to say... My sister and, husband and the kids are going to Saginaw for the weekend, and I don't feel like going, so I think I'm gonna be coming up to Michigan this weekend. I talked to Jessie a couple times today. Trying to make plans. She said we should have some people over and chill at Meg's like we like to do. You know how we do... haha. So she called her, and then called back, so what we might do is have me to go Michigan Friday. Jessie works until 4 I think she said, so I can go later, or go earlier and see Steve and my mom (and get some money. haha) Then later, Meg wants to go to the Tech Fest, so we might do that. If anybody would like to come along, lemme know before Friday. Then Saturday, Jessie works 8-4, so I'm planning on staying at Steve's friday night, then Saturday going to Meg's with Jess and whoever else wants to go. I promised a bunch of people I'd hang with them, so we'll see. And then crash at Jessie's. Then she don't work until 3, so chill with her, then head to Steve's b/c he's off work at 11 am, so hang with him and maybe make him take me out or something lol.

Haha. I just got off the phone with Steve. He called me as he was leaving work, him and some people are at Coney. He told me James was with them, so I made him let me talk to him, but since Steve's phone sucks, and James couldn't hear me, we decided to just put Steve back on. I think I'll call James tomorrow. See what he's doing this weekend, maybe I can see him while I'm in town. I don't know, but I just found it humorous that as I was typing this they called and whatnot. I think they said James works Friday night though, which would suck, but oh well.

Hrm... well, I don't know what all to write now. I need to call Best Buy back tomorrow b/c it's been a week, and I'm sure that the GM is back. I hope so. I just don't wanna be the annoying girl who keeps calling. Specially since I'm calling Stacy and she's not the one in charge. Ugh... Okay. Well I'm gonna go back to reading some of this I think. Later! Hopefully I get to see some of you this weekend!

<3 Cassie

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Better [23 May 2005|01:25am]
[ mood | determined ]

I'm feeling a bit better.

Yesterday Allison came downstairs asking if I'd go see the hippos at the zoo with her... that's how I woke up. lol. So Michele and I took the kids, while David worked. After, when he got home, we all went to Applebee's. It was also my mom's bday. Then I went to Michigan, but not until later on at night. Didn't leave until like 10, so I didn't get there (Steve's) until about 11. Waited for him b/c he was chatting with his mom and Greg for forever! Then we ran to Family Video, rented Blade 3 (Last time I was in town, we got it, but never got to watch it... I saw it in the Theatres, but didn't realize I'd missed a good 20 mins!) and Lemony Snickets... which was gay. But I do like Blade and must say, 3 is the best of all. Anywho, we just went right to sleep instead of watching them last night.

Then today we got up, ate, watched the movies, then ended up fighting. It was so gay too. We weren't doing anything, and since he promised to clean his room, but didn't, I said we were going to, and he got all pissed that I started picking up in his room and got ready and said he was just gonna go take the movies back and go to his G-pa's for his bday. So I said screw it, got my stuff and left. Didn't even think twice about going back. Called my mom, but she was busy and by the time she was done, I was halfway home so I didn't feel like going home. Woulda made good time too, but stupid construction slowed me down a good 25 minutes. Sorry to everyone I called to get together with... and even sorrier for those of you I didn't call b/c I hadn't gotten the chance yet. I was just really pissed so I stormed off and came straight home. I actually talked to Jessie, haven't talked to her in like a month. It was nice. We talked a bit on my way to Michigan, then I called her when she was at work by accident, so she called back shortly after I got home. I meant to call her back, b/c I had to eat dinner, but forgot. I'll do it tomorrow. And Steve called around 11 something and appologized... but if he wouldn't have acted like a jerk, I'd still be there... oh well. I'm over it.

Anyways, Jessie and I want to take a nice, week long road trip to like, Florida or something. We want to make it sorta of small girls only trip. But then again, if we can get enough people to commit for sure, we'll make it a huge, co-ed ordeal! Lemme know what you think people! Her and I are gonna aim to go sometime in July. We just gotta start saving now.

I really hope I start at Best Buy soon. If not, I'll just say screw it and do something else minor for now. My sister and I were talking about day care b/c Allison is going to start going a couple days a week in the fall, and maybe I'll get a job in a day care for now, if I can't get in Best Buy. And I don't know if anywhere else is hiring around here right now. When I turn 19 though, (In Ohio, you have to be 19 to serve alcohal) I am seriously thinking about waitressing. At dinner the other night we were talking about it. They said I should work at Hooters. Haha... that would be fun and I'd do it. Who cares, I'd probably get some good ass tips. And everyone else (friends I mean) always say that too. lol. Nice. We'll see when the time comes.

What else... oh... money. Yeah. My sister, David and the kids are planning a 4 day trip to Kings Island in Cincinnati, and I want to go, but have to bring someone. We each have to pay 200$ though, but it includes the hotel room and the tickets to the park for 2 days. Then extra cash for food. I'm trying to see if Steve will come, but he is poor and is tight on money, so who knows. It sucks b/c I barley talk to anyone and I know everyone is so busy, so it's gonna be hard finding someone else to come along this short notice. (June 11th-14th). Then like, the next weekend, my cousin from Texas is getting married, and supposibly my mom wants to fly down there for that. So I am somehow supposed to get a bunch of money for all this. Plus mine and Jessie's little trip. Yeah... we'll see how much of these plans ACTALLY happen. Oh yeah... and this year, my birthday is on a Thursday, so the following night I want to get a bunch of friends (19 and up) to hit up Canada with me to celebrate! We'll get a room and just have a blast. Make a night or two of it. That might get pushed back a week or two, depending on how I do with money, but sometime shortly after, I'd like to do that. Plus plan a Cedar Point getaway! It would be mid-week though, b/c it's way less crowded during the week! We can pull an all nighter, get a hotel and have a blast! Lemme know if you're interested in any of my fun ideas!

Okay. I'm heading out. Later!

<3 Cassie

(Also, thanks to everyone who said nice stuff bout my last entry... although they weren't through comments, it was nicer b/c they were more personal! Love ya guys!)

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Let's do this... [17 May 2005|02:51am]
[ mood | creative ]

Bold what applies.

I have a cell phone.
I have friends that use me.
I am an only child.
I am a shopoholic.
I love dangly earrings.
I love cold weather.
I’m obsessed with the computer.
I have shot a gun before.
(Only Steve's b-b gun though, that we got in Tenn.)
I can't live without music.
I have no tolerance of ignorant people.
I have ridden on a motorcycle before.

I’ll be in this town forever.
I’ve been to 5 other country.
I get annoyed easily.
I eventually want kids.
I have neat handwriting.
I have more than a few horrible memories.
I am addicted to chocolate.

My parents are strict.
I love airplane rides.
I love taking pictures.
I hate people who are fake.
I can be mean when I want to.
My parents care about my grades.

One of my best friends is a guy.
I have way too many purses.

I’m obsessed with lip-gloss.
I am easy to talk to.
I would never eat raw fish.

I cry easily.
I hate when people are late.
I procrastinate.
I love winter.
I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser. (I don't even wear most of them. )
I love to sleep.
I wish I were smarter.

I’m afraid of flying.
I hate drama.
I bite my nails.
I have been on an 8-hour drive.
(More then 8 hours... and definitally more then a couple times! Ugh!)
I never fight with my parents.
I love the beach.
I have never had the chicken pox.
I have gone out in public in my pajamas.
I can't control my emotions.
I have a best friend.
I have moved more than once.
I truly love my friends.

I have braces.
I have never broken a bone.
I hate my computer.
I love guys that play the drums.
I state the obvious.
I’m a happy person.
I love to dance.
I love to sing.

I love cleaning my room.
I tend to get jealous very easily.
I love cute underwear.
I love night better than day.
(Depending on my mood and the weather! Who I'm with and where also has alot to do with it too.)
I don't like to study for tests.
I have been on the phone for over 5 hours.
I am too forgiving.
I have horrible sense in direction.
I miss elementary school.

I’m a daddy's girl.
I love kisses on my forehead.
I love the color pink.

I love to sew.
My eye color changes.
I should see a therapist.
I played on a guy’s sports team. (Mixed team, 3 girls and the rest boys!)
I become stressed easily.
I hate liars.
I like comfy sweatpants.

I can play the piano.
I love the smell of rain.
I love my family.

I hate needles.
I am a perfectionist.
I always wanted to learn to play the drums.
I hate the feeling of failure.

I have friends in other countries.
I know how to cook.
I can be quite selfish.
At times, I still act like a little kid.

I have food allergies.
I love little kids.
I love to read.
I wish I were more motivated for school.
I love getting stuff in the mail.
I have problems with letting go of old feelings.
I hate being alone.
I love summer.
I love the weekends.
I love black eyeliner.
I type with one hand.
(Can, but choose not to.)
I live in a one-story house.
I wear make-up. (Once and a great while. I don't think I need it.)
I have never rode on an underground subway.
I can't swim.
I have bad memories.
I go to church. (Not anymore)
I sing in the shower.
I have never been camping.
I hate cheerleaders.
I usually get what I want.
I have been on stage before.
I love roller coasters.
No one knows my full story of my life.
I am close with my parents.
I don't have a curfew.

Hrm... that was almost fun. Probably time for bed. I'm rather tired. I wanted to go to bed sooner, but I decided to watch Napolean Dynamite... it just finished! I'll update later!

<3 Cassie

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Happy Friday the 13th ch'all! [13 May 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I'm kind of bored. The kids are winding down and getting ready for bed.... so I'm just sitting around in my room. Let's do a small re-cap.

Wensday my sister got her graphics card and David and I were gonna put it in. But inside he bumped something and messed the comp. up, so they took it to Doug (his brother)'s friend to fix it.

David left Thursday for his golf trip with his brother's, so after my sister got off work, her, the kids, and myself went to eat at this little, cute Italian place. And then picked up her computer. Didn't do awhole lot, kind of hard with just us and the kids. Watched some movies... well... Aladdin.

Today I finally got ahold of the lady at the Best Buy down here. Pat TAOed her for me a couple days ago, and Steve called me Wensday with her number and what not. I couldn't get ahold of her till today. She told me to just come in and we'd get me set up... so I'm assuming I just get the job, since it's an opening in Media, part time though. But it's all good for now. The same job I had up in Michigan. I just hope everyone is as nice and cool as the Michigan store. 402 forever baby! haha. I'm a dork. I do miss everyone though. Steve is constantly telling me of things going on up there. I think he mentioned a bowling night, so I'm probably gonna go. Should be fun, I'll have to ask when b/c I forgot. But yeah, that's a plus. And today is my dad's birthday, so I called him to wish him a happy birthday. He told me about my car, how he drove the cavalier, but didn't like it, so took my neon back to the guy who originally fixed the oil and whatnot, and after all this, 3 times of the guy looking at it, they realized it was a crack in the pan... like I told my dad months ago! Just cause I'm a girl, doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about ALL THE TIME! lol. So I guess they fixed it for sure... oh, and my dad made sure to let me know he got me NEW hubcaps... AGAIN! Locking ones this time, since I always lose at least 1 the first day. haha. He is obsessed with hubcaps, it's wonderful. But yeah... my sister is going to take me to pick up my car tomorrow. And I think we might go to the mall this weekend. My sister asked Allison what she wanted to do since her daddy is gone and she said go to the mall and the zoo. She's not even three and already is obsessed with the darn mall. lol. So we might do that, and the zoo depends on the weather. We had a stupid storm today... lost power twice... but only for a split second. Anyways... I'm gonna go. The Sims 2 is calling my name. And I think I should call the boyfriend since he obviously forgot how to use his phone today. haha. It's all good. Gotta love him. Later!

<3 Cassie

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention... now that I read Melissa's livejournal, she's got me thinking about the ex bf. Just because of her whole entry and the way she explains things... how similar some situations are just baffles my mind. Oh well, I hope all ends well in that situation for them, (since my situation like that failed miserably.)

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[12 May 2005|12:06pm]
Wow... that is DEAD ON! It's actually kinda creepy just how right it is!

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

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[01 May 2005|12:35am]

Your Birthdate: June 30

Your birthday on the 30th day of the month shows individual self-expression is necessary for your happiness.

You tend to have a good way of expressing yourself with words, certainly in a manner that is clear and understandable.

You have a good chance of success in fields requiring skill with words.

You can be very dramatic in your presentation and you may be a good actor or a natural mimic.

You have a vivid imagination that can assist you in becoming a good writer or story-teller.

Strong in your opinions, you always tend to think you are on the right side of an issue.

There may be a tendency to scatter your energies and have a lot of loose ends in your work.

You may have significant artistic talent and be very creative.

Your Seduction Style: Siren / Rake

You possess an unbridled sensuality that appeals to many.
The minute you meet anyone, you can make the crave you almost immediately.
You give others the chance to lose control with you... spiraling into carnal bliss.
A dangerous lover, you both fascinate and scare those you attract.

You Are a Dalmation Puppy

Kind, bright, and very energetic.
Firemen love to pat your little head.

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Hawtness [13 Apr 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | bored ]

What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
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Ohio [11 Apr 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Welp.. I'm officially moved into my sister's house. Today my mom, myself, brother and his buddy Steve moved all my shit from Kim's to my sister's. And I unpacked once David and I got the furniture back together (narrow stairs = taking apart some furniture). I put in my two weeks at work a week ago. The 19th is my last day. Media is going down with losing Sarah, James and myself. Oh well though. What can ya do? I work Wend so I will have to go to Michigan early in the day and then stay the night after work. I feel bad leaving my mom at Kim's but omg... I know my mom's gotta be bored without me around and now the basement is like empty. Plus she made me bring my bed, leaving her to sleep on the couch bed again with the old futon matress... although the box spring didn't fit in the basement, therefore it's now in the garage here. Oh well. What else... oh... I have the net b/c I convinced Kim to sell me her routers for 50 bucks. So yeah... I'm good and happy. Anyways... I'm friggin beat. I didn't go to bed until 4:30 am last night, then had to get up for the work meeting at 7:30 (6:30, but I snoozed and almost didn't wake up!). And then I moved all day and then unpacked. I need a shower, but that is gonna wait until tomorrow. Anywho... I'm out of stuff to write about. I'll have to visit people when I come up to see my family and work. Just lemme know if ya wanna do something and I'll let ya know the next time I'll be in Michigan. I still have the same cell number for now, so go ahead and gimme a ring. Later!

<3 Cassie

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An update [05 Apr 2005|12:54am]
[ mood | calm ]

Well... last time I updated, it was about my doctor trying to kill me. (Well, not mine, but a doctor.) So yeah... having mono and strep at the same time was a blast! Lemme tell you. I can finally say... I'm healthy again. Still have a bit of sinuses, but I have my allegra and it's not as bad. I can actually breathe! YAY! Don't really know what to update... let's see. Lots of shit went down with Kim. She is such a bitch. She broke the door lock.. again. Why? Just because she likes to be a nosey bitch and get into our shit. So yeah, her and I got into it. My mom got drunk like last week and flipped out and was screaming about how she hates Kim and is gonna kill her b/c she breaks in, and then steals our shit. It was sooo funny. We all kinda, pretended to make up. My mom and I tolerate her, but both hate her. My mom finally reached her breaking point where she will no longer put up with Kim's bullshit. My mom barley talks to her. Buuuutttt we talked to my sister about me moving in with them for now until my mom finds a place down in Ohio and a new job.... and yeah... David finished the room in the basement for me. He finished it in like a week. So now its waiting for me to move in. And its a big room too. 20 ft by 8 ft. So it's cool as hell. I'm soooo excited. I feel bad b/c I just FINALLY went back to work on Sunday... and now I get to be like "Hey... I have to quit!" I am gonna see if I can put just a week notice in, instead of 2 weeks b/c I really want to get out of this house like... NOW. David jumped and finished that room so fast too, I didn't think it would be done this soon. I'm happy. I'm gonna try and get a job at UPS b/c Kelly (David's neice) works there and said I can use her name to help me get in. They pay good and help with college. SOOOO I really wanna work there. If I can't get in for some reason, I'll call Best Buy and talk to them about helping me get a job at the one down here. I don't know, I just wanna move. I'm excited. Well... I summed up the nothingness of my life, and I'm gonna head out. Finish talking to Nick and Neil and then head to bed.

Ohhhh.... last night, the new sheets my mom got me, made me break out. So now I look like I have acne and chicken pocks. It's soooo gross. How come I can't just be healthy and okay for a week at least? lol!

<3 Cassie

CONGRATS SAM!!! I'm so excited for you and William! I know you guys will make awesome parents! I have to come see you before I move! I am so excited to meet Jace!

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[19 Mar 2005|08:48pm]

I am Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!

Which Aqua Teen Hunger Force character are you??
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[03 Feb 2005|02:11pm]

This Love by Maroon 5

"I was so high I did not recognize
The fire burning in her eyes
The chaos that controlled my mind"

You were so great in 2004 that you make everyone a little bit sick!

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